Aaron, Mark, and Curtis McCollough

Please contact Mark McCollough if you wish to share information or photos about the McCollough family.

Welcome to the McCollough family website.

The McColloughs have been intrigued by our family history for over a century. In 1912, the McColloughs, Crawfords, Wicks, Deets, and related families from Chicora and western Pennsylvania gathered at Captain John McCollough’s homestead farm for the first family reunion. Newton Clarke McCollough reviewed Captain John McCollough’s journal, assembled the many family oral traditions, and presented the first written history at the 1912 reunion.

Curtis McCollough and his son Mark began to research our family genealogy in the 1990s. They published The Descendants of Captain John McCollough and Anna Elizabeth Spangler in 2003. Curt and Mark continued their research in the early 2000s and discovered much more about our family history in America and Scotland. In 2012, they discovered documents from the late-1700s that filled in many gaps about our family’s origins and added another generation to our family history. They added new stories and historic photographs and republished the McCollough book in 2019.

We hope the McCollough book and this website piques your curiosity and encourages the extended McCollough family to discover their ancestors who settled the wilderness of western Pennsylvania.

Curtis McCollough (1931-2019) grew up on the family farm in Chicora, Pennsylvania. He moved to Sarver and worked for Oberg Industries for 32 years. Curt spent much of his retirement researching and writing about our family history. His son, Mark (1957- ), is an endangered species biologist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Mark began genealogy research with his father in the late 1990s. Mark continues to reasearch the McCollough family genealogy and lives with his wife Cathy in Hampden, Maine.