Wecome to the McCollough family reunion!

The William Wallace McCollough farm in Chicora, Pennsylvania.

The McColloughs share a proud history dating back to the mid-1700s in America and beyond to Scotland. Their story is steeped in legends of Indian wars and attacks, heroes and rascals, soldiers and survivors, whiskey rebels and land speculators. Mostly they were farmers from Chicora, Pennsylvania – and good ones at that! Much of the information at this website builds on information from the book Descendants of Captain John McCollough and Anna Elizabeth Spangler, Pioneers of Butler County  by Curtis and Mark McCollough. Please explore the website to learn more about the McColloughs. Click on the links below for the latest entries to the McCollough journal.

  • An infallible cure
    We’ve been isolated for far too long. With the promise of new vaccines, we long for a cure from the Covid 19 pandemic that has swept the world in the last year. Spring is a time for renewal as it was for our McCollough ancestors. In … Continue reading
  • Wild Goose Chase
    Last night, a new McCollough (our first grandchild) was born. With tightly closed eyes, Theodore McCollough entered a new world much brighter than he has been used to. He brings a new light to our family as we emerge from winter, see the end of a … Continue reading
  • Roads north from Westmoreland
    It is encouraging to receive questions from our extended McCollough family. Some are easily answered and others require some study. For many years I have corresponded with Susan McClain, a descendant of Captain John McCollough and superb genealogist. We have collaborated to solve the mysteries of … Continue reading
  • March to Erie!
    Western Pennsylvania is currently in the grips of an “old fashioned” winter. Arctic cold has slid off the top of the planet like a Scots Tam O’Shanter. While mercury shivers in the bottom of the thermometer, cold fronts rake moisture from brooding Lake Erie and pummel … Continue reading
  • Auld Lang Syne
    Robert Burns (1759-1796) is the poet laureate of Scotland. In a hazy, double-malted stupor, some careen through the words to one of his most famous poems Auld Lang Syne on New Year’s Eve (or Hogmanay in Scotland). In 1788 Robert Burns submitted the poem ‘Auld Lang … Continue reading
Barholm Castle on the estate formerly owned by the McCullochs on the River Cree near Creetown, Scotland.