McCollough Monument Editorial

Devin Corbett restores the McCollough Monument with hydraulic cement. Devin is a 4th great grandchild of Captain John and Elizabeth McCollough.

On September 8, 2022, the Butler Eagle newspaper editorial page posted the following article:

Family Recognizes Marker’s Historical Value

Last Friday, a group of descendants of the family patriarch, Capt. John McCollough, joined together along Oak Road in Chicora to begin the restoration of a monument bearing the captains name.

The group came ready to work and fix up a monument that has been important to the family – and community – for nearly a century.

Considering the monument will be 100 years old in just a few years, it’s especially good to see this effort underway.

It speaks to the value of local history, but also to the value of pulling together for a project.

We were excited to hear about this project and happy to send out a reporter to cover the news.

On this particular Friday, it was just the beginning steps of a larger project that were being taken. The crew that came together cleaned the monument with a pressure washer.

Next, the group intends to use hydraulic cement to fix the cracks and seal the seams and to work with a concrete contractor for advice on patching the stone marker. Additionally, the group contacted a gravestone maker about what could be done with the lettering on the marble section.

Sid Callahan of Chicora supervises restoration of the McCollough Monument. Sid spearheaded the work after his niece, Sherry Ann Worstell, a 4th great-grandchild of Captain John and Elizabeth McCollough, started cleaning the monument this summer. Sid’s wife, Elaine, is a descendant of Captain John and Elizabeth McCollough as well. Sid has mowed around the Monument and kept the grounds looking nice for the last 20 years.

The monument, placed on Oak Road in 1927 by three descendants, marks the place where the Indian War of Western Pennsylvania veteran built a log cabin in 1797 on a 500-acre tract of land.

The marker reads, “Site First Log Cabin Homestead Built by Capt. John McCollough 500 A. Tract 1797 Marker Placed By Heirs 1927.”

We love to see monuments like this one cherished and preserved. History matters, and what this family is doing for this memorial matters. We applaud their initiative. -TL

2 thoughts on “McCollough Monument Editorial

  1. That is heart warming to see. My grandparents Ivan and June McCollough lived on that land for as long as I can remember. Thank you all for your efforts.


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